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Google Penalty Analysis, Recovery and Prevention

Has your website been hit by a Google penalty or algorithm update? If you have received a crippling drop in organic traffic and SERP rankings, this is probably the case. Rewind SEO is dedicated to Google penalty recovery from A to Z. We manage both algorithm penalties as well as manual webspam or ‘unnatural links’ penalties. We also do preventive risk management analyses to prevent impending penalties from ever occurring. Our penalty recovery and prevention services include identification of risks on the level of individual links, as well as systematic link patterns, link disavow file creation, detailed report on improving future SEO work, and optionally a side-by-side competitor analysis to compare your site’s link profile next to a top-ranking peer. Unlike other SEO firms, penalty recovery and prevention is not something we do ‘on the side’ or for the occasional client. It is our specialty and sole focus.

This specialization in link-based Google penalties allows us to streamline our service with no overhead or unnecessary fluff. We are able to provide the highest level of service at a fraction of the price that general SEO consultants charge. We won’t charge you extra or add anything you don’t need, we use the best analysis tools in the industry and have completed nearly 2000 analyses and penalty recovery projects since 2013. We can scale our analysis for any size link profile and regularly handle heavily spammed link profiles with tens to hundreds of thousands of risky backlinks from negative SEO or mass automated link building.

How We Recover and Boost Your Online Presence

Disavow File

The objective for most projects is to create a disavow file of harmful links that are dragging down your site’s rankings. After submission, disavowed links will no longer be counted by Google.

We provide a completed Disavow File and simple instructions on how to submit it to Google in your Site’s Search Console (or we can submit it for you).

Actionable Report

We include a full detailed written report documenting all risk issues in the site’s link profile and what we have addressed and corrected in the Disavow File.

We also check sitewide metrics like final (post-disavow) anchor text, and advise on any modifications that should be made with current/future SEO to avoid similar issues occurring again.

Keep Rankings Positive

If your site’s rankings are already strong, our backlink audit and disavow ensures it stays that way or improves further.

Bad links may be dragging down rankings even for healthy sites. They may also be a ticking time bomb for the next algorithm update. Disavowing is not an instant process so the best time to disavow risky links is before it turns into a problem.

Who Are We?

Rewind SEO is owned and operated by Daniel Delos, an industry veteran of over two decades who started out in affiliate marketing and web design in the early 2000s before moving to offsite SEO and link profile auditing. Dan has worked on penalty analysis and recovery since 2013 through Rewind SEO and also accepts custom projects on several freelance sites like Fiverr.

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