Google Penalty Assessment, Disavow and Recovery

SEO Analysis, Link Disavow & Full Recovery Solution

Rewind SEO’s proven analysis and disavow covers all possible angles for link-based penalties and impending risks. We identify all high risk links and over-optimization issues with your site’s link profile. This involves detailed reports, analysis sorting your entire link profile between safe and risky links, and full documentation explaining all the issues we addressed. 

We also provide an actionable SEO report for any new links going forward in order to either assist with the recovery or prevent any penalties from occurring in the future. Coupled with the Google disavow tool, we can provide a full penguin update recovery service or solution for any link-based algorithm penalties. If additional link diversity is still needed after using the Google disavow tool, our actionable SEO report includes the types of links and anchors that are needed to balance the backlink profile.


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Analysis pricing is based primarily on the number of referring domains, not individual backlinks.  Small sites will be able to get the full analysis for under $100.

The following is a description of our detailed two-part SEO analysis to identify and then disavow links. This service is a standalone Penguin recovery service and also required for manual penalty recoveries.


penalty seo report

Top-Down Competitor SEO Analysis

This is the first of two steps in our analysis process. The top-down competitor SEO analysis involves side-by-side comparisons with top ranking (unpenalized) competitors. This data is used to determine general organic ‘safe ranges’ for broad ratios like anchor text types, dofollow link ratios, link power and trust ratios, and other overarching metrics within your site’s competitive landscape. These baselines are used to identify possible profile-wide imbalances that may be causing a penalty, escalating another issue, or posing a significant risk to the profile. This competitor SEO report will also be useful in maintaining safe link building practices going forward.


Deep-Dive Penalty Analysis

The second and primary stage of the process is a deep-dive into all linking domains and backlinks for your website. Then manually sorting out high risk links into a separate list that can be used to implement a full penalty recovery solution. Some of the details for this extensive project are as follows:

‣   Data driven with over 35 different metrics and derived metrics per link. By the raw data numbers, this SEO analysis is over 5 times more detailed than what some firms use.

‣   Over 30 advanced algorithms developed by Link Research Tools that are modeled after Google’s own Penguin algorithm. This advanced SEO analysis assists in sorting out risky links that might not otherwise be apparent. There is simply no equivalent in any other SEO report or penalty analysis.

‣   Custom in-house filters for high risk and spam links. Over our hundreds of penalty analyses, Rewind SEO has identified numerous footprints specific to many types of low quality, automated spam, and high risk link types. We search for these footprints in every analysis.

‣   Data from the top-down competitor audit is applied to this advanced analysis to help bring profile-wide metrics to safe levels using more strict filtering criteria where applicable.

‣   Manual content checking – we will visit many of the backlink pages to check for non-metric issues like heavily duplicated content across the web, poorly spun content, and other problems common to risky SEO practices.

‣   Manual double checking – we will double check every single domain and often triple check links that have been filtered into the high risk link list. Rest assured, we will not be sorting out any strong, valuable, or niche-relevant link without very clear reasons that should also be detailed in the written report.

‣   In the final step, we format and create a Google disavow file from the list of high risk links. This is entirely optional to use and can be modified at will but it is an essential step for both manual and algorithm penalty recovery projects.

Naturally, all our work is also documented and explained in a final written SEO report in plain English, illustrated with relevant charts and graphs. The report will also explain details from the competitor analysis that should help guide any recovery and post-recovery SEO work. All that will be left for you to do is upload the disavow file through webmaster tools.




Penalty Report FAQ

Q: Is this analysis suitable for manual penalty recovery?

A: Absolutely but not by itself. Manual penalties will need to start with this SEO report and proceed to disavow links. But additionally, they will require an outreach campaign to get bad links removed as part of the required documentation for the reconsideration request.We provide all these services. If you need a full manual recovery project, start with this analysis and Google disavow service. Then use the list of identified bad links to proceed with our outreach campaign to remove links. And last, order our reconsideration request writing service for us to put together your reconsideration request with full documentation detailing all the recovery work.


Q: Is this analysis useful if my site has not been penalized?

A: Yes. The analysis (and even disavow) will help sites not currently penalized both in preventing the any future penalty and possibly improving current rankings by getting rid of negative links that are detrimental to SEO.  Our report will also identify impending risks to help you or your SEO firm steer clear of risky links, patterns, or SEO practices.  If your website is worth a lot to you but you believe some of the link profile is questionable, it’s well worth checking out and cleaning up preemptively.


Q: How effective is the Google disavow links tool?

A: Disavowing links can be extremely effective but is not always enough to recover from Google Penguin. Particularly for sites requiring a heavy disavow with very few or no good or strong links, the disavow tool alone will not likely be sufficient, though it is a necessary component in the recovery project. In these cases, we will note our realistic recovery expectations given the link disavow alone, and will also have specific recommendations in our SEO report for what type of recovery or balancing work is needed. 


Q: How long does it take to disavow links?

A: It is now known that disavowed links are processed as soon as a Google recrawls them. Some links will be recrawled very quickly while some could take months. It is possible that certain very spammy links will never be recrawled. In short, there is no set period of time for Google to process a disavow report since it is done link-by-link over time. The disavow will usually take weeks-to-months before there is any significant effect.


Q: Does this service guarantee my site will recover?

A: Since Google is a 3rd party, no service except Google itself can make that guarantee. Also, since disavowing and manually removing links is a net loss in links, it still depends entirely on the quality and diversity of links available in remaining profile. In general, manual penalties with proper link removal effort will see a high recovery success rate but algorithm penalties will sometimes need additional link building SEO work to create natural balance and diversity which could not exist from simply disavowing links.


Q: How many links do you sort into risky links to be submitted to the disavow tool?

A: This is entirely dependent on the specific link profile. We will only disavow the highest risk links from unpenalized sites. Penguin penalized sites may expect to see over 50% or even over 75% of their link profile sorted out and disavowed. Manual penalty recovery projects will sometimes need very different and specific types of filtering that requires getting rid of more powerful links because they are ‘unnatural’ or manipulative based on Google’s policy guidelines and manual review.

SEO Penalty Report Data
The data tells the story behind each link. we believe you can never have too much data!

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