Who Are We? 

Rewind SEO is a small but very experienced SEO company specializing in penalty recovery and prevention. Daniel Delos is the chief of operations at Rewind SEO and manages all of the analysis and recovery work. The analysis and disavow service we provide can complement any concurrent SEO work or services on site to ensure you won’t receive a penalty from this or any past links built to your site. We have recovered hundreds of Google penalized sites for both manual and algorithm penalties and worked on preventive risk management analysis and link disavows on hundreds more. 

Ever since Google’s Penguin algorithm, penalty prevention and recovery has become just as important as link building for any business relying heavily on organic search traffic 

Our Clients and Experience

To date we have helped over 1000 sites with a range of services from risk reports, preventive or recovery analysis and disavow work, removing links, and full A-to-Z recovery. Our company is based in the United States along with most of our clients, but we also work internationally. We have served clients from 78 different countries on last count. We normally work directly with business owners but are also regularly subcontracted by other SEO companies, often for their new clients or as a regular risk analysis every few months. We carefully document and explain all our work with the aim of never having a dissatisfied client. If you ever have a problem with our work, please let us know and we’ll make it right. Here are a few of the high profile sites we have worked on:

UK.CreditCards.com – The UK branch of creditcards.com 

Profile Canada Business Directory (ProfileCanada.com) – PR6 Canadian Business Directory

Canadian Trade Index (CTIdirectory.com)  PR6 Canadian Industrial Directroy

ESQ Recruiting (ESQRecruiting.com) – a large United States legal recruiting firm.

Getcover (GetCover.ie) – Major Irish online insurance provider for car, travel, and home insurance.


In addition, we have worked on and recovered sites in the following industries and categories:


  • lawyers
  • legal firms
  • legal recruiting firms
  • eviction protection
  • federal firearms license experts
  • foreclosure consulting
  • accident attorney
  • divorce mediators
  • bankruptcy court records service



  • credit card companies
  • national business directories
  • niche business directories
  • employment/job directories
  • conference call business provider
  • currency exchange service
  • currency trading
  • car/travel/home insurance provider
  • 3rd sector jobs UK directory (charity/non-profit)
  • event jobs UK directory
  • marketing, media, PR jobs UK directory
  • cash advances and payday loans service



  • mechanics
  • car auctions
  • boat auctions
  • vehicle transport
  • used car and bike sales
  • salvaged vehicle reseller


Real Estate

  • realtors
  • realtor agencies
  • apartment rental
  • eviction
  • window tinting
  • home building guide
  • office furniture store
  • home cleaning service
  • luxury real estate properties


Medical/Wellness/Alternative Medicine

  • medical training/certification
  • medical equipment
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Anger management
  • other alternative medicine/treatments
  • dentist offices
  • retirement homes
  • pharmaceuticals
  • chiropractors
  • hair health site
  • counseling
  • sexual health clinic
  • protein/weight loss/energy supplement producer
  • raw foods informational site and forum
  • stem cell treatment institute and advocacy
  • Nursing agency 



  • certification programs
  • English coaching
  • training
  • team building
  • online grad courses for teachers
  • homeschooling
  • UK based TEFL academy
  • USMLE training (medical certification)



  • windows experts
  • roofing/roof repair
  • curtains retailer
  • and national painters
  • plumbing
  • door systems
  • log cabin package retailer
  • moving/removals companies (UK, US, AU, NZ, FR)
  • glass experts
  • vehicle and home window tinting
  • AC repair/replacement company
  • outdoor lighting company
  • home design and remodeling  


Industrial and Manufacturing 

  • industrial machine tools and parts manufacturer
  • clothing labels, stickers, and wrapper company
  • Large surplus machinery and equipment directory
  • big concrete and grading company
  • nanoceramic window films producer (vehicle, commercial, residential, marine, security)
  • tools supplier
  • offshore oil company



  • balloon advertising
  • SEO agencies (many sites)
  • Internet marketing
  • social media marketing
  • video editing and stock footage provider
  • video production company
  • coupon sites
  • web hosting
  • web design (national, international, and foreign sites)
  • press release site
  • French business directory and search engine  


Fashion and Beauty

  • retail clothing company
  • ecommerce sites
  • jeweler
  • hipster style
  • sunglasses company
  • pearl jewelry ecommerce shop
  • hair care products (ecommerce)
  • skin products (ecommerce) 



  • smartphones (accessories, apps, and more)
  • smartphone hacking forums
  • Malta, Sweden, UK and Singapore telecommunications provider
  • conference call provider
  • cameras
  • led light retailer 



  • gyms
  • personal trainers
  • dance studio



  • tourism
  • activities
  • resorts
  • bus charters
  • cruse finding service
  • expat community
  • hotel site
  • travel guide to Myanmar
  • fishing tours service 



  • online dating
  • ‘adult dating’
  • Escort agencies (US, UK Irish, Belguim, German and more)
  • affiliate sites 



  • sports betting
  • online betting
  • online gambling games (blackjack, poker, bingo, etc…)


Misc. Service Providers

  • DJ services
  • wedding photography
  • general photography
  • florist (flower shipping)
  • pastry company 



  • drawing
  • memes
  • fake doctor notes
  • game hacks
  • essay writing
  • affiliate/review sites
  • card games
  • e-cigs
  • marijuana seed distributor
  • astrology
  • commercial catering equipment and bar supplier
  • furniture retailer
  • charity sites
  • scrapbooking site and forum
  • gaming blog
  • mall database
  • archer supplies
  • uncounted affiliate sites in almost every niche

Considering the list of at-risk and penalized sites we’ve worked on, chances are are very high that we’ve seen, analyzed, and recovered penalties for businesses and websites just like yours. If your site is penalized and your business is suffering then Contact us today. Let’s see what can be done to get things back up and running. We look forward to hearing from you.