Guarantee for Quality of Service

For any and all services ordered from (including all pages and subdomains) we guarantee the completion of the work in full, in a manner and quality matching or surpassing the service as advertised. In any cases where we are not able to complete the work, clients will be eligible for a full refund.


Disclaimer for All Recovery Services

Due to the nature of the work, it is impossible for Rewind SEO to make absolute guarantees about the success of any given SEO or Google penalty recovery project. No service except Google can make such a guarantee because it would require making a guarantee on behalf of a 3rd party (google). In addition, due to the nature of link-based penalties and the continual evolution of SEO, it may sometimes be objectively impossible for a disavow or link removal project to recover a penalty on its own. This is why in most cases, Rewind SEO will provide full reports on the status of a client’s SEO and recommendations for new SEO going forward after the disavow or link removal.


The guarantees and disclaimers listed on this page are applicable to all services ordered through all pages and subdomains on We reserve the right to update this page at any time.

Last updated Jan 21, 2014.