Guide to Submitting the Google Disavow File

This is a simple guide on how to submit the disavow file to Google. It is short and extremely easy, a refreshing change for Google.

1. Log into your webmaster tools and visit the following link:

2.  Select your site you wish to disavow links for by clicking on the URL box next to the “disavow links” button.

Google disavow tool

3.  Click the red button.  This will bring you to a warning page. Click the “disavow links” button again on this page:

Disavow warning

4.  You will see the page in the image below. Click “Choose File”, upload the properly formatted disavow file (should be a .txt file under 2MB in size).

Confirm disavow and upload links

5.  Then click “Submit” and you should get an immediate confirmation. It should be something like this:

Results for the submission on January 13, 2014 8:55:49 PM UTC+11
You successfully uploaded a disavow links file (DISAVOW_FILE.txt) containing 213 domains and 15 URLs.

Then you are done.

If you need to edit or format your disavow file, visit this quick guide on how to format the disavow list.

About Daniel Delos

Daniel is the founder of Rewind SEO and has worked on hundreds of Google penalty analyses and recovery projects, recovering both manual and algorithm penalties. He has almost two decades of total SEO experience and has worked almost exclusively on risk auditing and penalty prevention/recovery since 2014.

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